An agricultural startup at the forefront of agroecology

Ver de Terre production is an organization for training and disseminating agroecological practices and living soils. Since 2017, it has been organizing training cycles for farmers, para-agriculturalists, industry professionals and curious individuals.

In this dynamic of sharing knowledges, Ver de Terre production provides open-source tools, as its Youtube channel. 

In addition, Ver de Terre production offers various methods of support and partnership such as:

Training center for agroecology 

  • For farmers, para-agricultural and individuals, we organize thematic cycles throughout the year.
  • The training is digital, face-to-face or mixed digital (FMD)
  • A YouTube channel

Research & development (R&D) 

  • Development of connected tools to know in real time the health of the soil and cultivated plants, as well as the nutritional quality of the harvested products
  • Service of soil and sap analysis of crops
  • Help with setting up experiments


Support & advice department

We support hotels, restaurants and local authorities from A to Z in their projects to create agroecological farm. Our intervention:

  • Soil diagnostic,
  • Design agricultural establishment,
  • Design the plots,
  • Recommend soil reconstruction strategy and cultivation routes,
  • Carry out agronomic training & technical monitoring over 2 years

Audiovisual and social media pole

Enhance and extend your events by capturing them fully. We put in place the technical means to:
  • Capture your events and broadcast them live or delayed (website, social networks, etc.)
  • Carry out context interviews with stakeholders for social networks and teaser videos
  • Increase your event by a presence on social media before and during the event (mobilization, live tweet, photos & video interviews)

Digital pole

  • Implementation of IT solutions for data management
  • Smartphone application creation
  • Creation of software for agricultural business management software (crop plans, supply management, etc.).