Research and development

A pioneer for disseminating agroecological practices and living soils, Ver de terre production, thanks to its R&D branch, is at the forefront of agricultural innovation. This branch of our company is structured around two poles

Agronomic development pole

Produce more while producing better! It is under this slogan that our team supports agricultural structures in the development of the agricultural practices of tomorrow, around the following triptych: yields, living soil, profitability
In this context, we support both upstream structures (farmers, production companies) and downstream (cooperatives, traders, distributors), by offering them turnkey agronomic solutions, while taking their specificities into account.

Give the agricultural world the right keys to understanding plant health.

Support the transition to fight climate change and rebuild ecosystems:
We support professionals in the agricultural world in the development of agricultural practices aimed at storing carbon and regenerating soils. This agriculture of living soils is based on agroforestry and the reduction of tillage to promote ecosystems and biodiversity, while maintaining high production levels.

Development of the field tools of tomorrow:
The measurement standards and the tools that go with them were created on the paradigm of the green revolution.
With the arrival of open source strategies in the context of agroecology, the agricultural world needs new inexpensive tools that are reliable and can be used independently.
We are thus working on the development of the field measurement tools of tomorrow based on infrared technologies.

Engage citizens and industry stakeholders:
Because we do not make good innovation without relying on upstream and downstream players, Ver de terre production is committed to involving citizens and industry players through the creation of ‘participatory tools, but also by communicating widely on the latest agro-ecological innovations.


Organize information:
Thanks to our open source strategy, we are building open databases. We are thus able to provide farmers and technicians with free access tables of reference, to make them autonomous, both in field control and in their decision-making. These databases are coupled with decision support tools accessible on smartphones and based on machine learning technologies.

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